Organized Baseball Coach

Organized Baseball CoachBUY NOW!!! -

Dear Coach, Are you spending more time in your office than the ball-field? Overloaded with the administrative side of coaching your baseball team? Finding yourself stuck at your computer trying to create and organize your season and practices? Wish you had more computer savvy to develop your: daily plans, contact lists, pitch count spreadsheets, etc…?

…but it WILL make you a better coach by organizing your ‘off-field’ administrative needs. If your like me, you’ve dedicated most of your time to your own playing and now coaching career rather than creating Word® and Excel® spreadsheets to organize player-parent contact lists, pitch tracking records, 12 month season plan charts, etc. So save yourself the time spent in front of the computer building spreadsheets and get back to doing what you love… teaching the game of baseball! This package gives you organized spreadsheets that will help you plan your season, monitor pitchers’ volume, and look professional doing it.
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US Flag Football Plays and Playbooks

US Flag Football Plays and PlaybooksBUY NOW!!! -

Color diagrammed Flag Football plays Illustrations on a football field grid with player responsibilities Tips for when each play works best and against what type of defense Pass routes and hot receiver Rules and regulations Defensive line-ups Special teams line-ups

NFL Youth Flag 5 Man Special 20+ plays, offensive / defensive formations Coaching tips and more all designed for young players Click here – $19.95
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Perfect Putting Formula –

Perfect Putting Formula - EasyPars.comBUY NOW!!! -

In fact, practice can sometimes make an average putter worse. If you do not know how to practice properly, then you are better off sitting on the couch, watching TV. At least then you aren’t making yourself worse!

In fact, you are going to be shocked at how easy it is to become a REALLY good putter. Why? Because there is no natural talent with putting. You can be a good putter no matter if you are young, old, tall, short, male, female, atheltic, or out of shape.
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KopTalk Members – Join KopTalk

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Complimentary worldwide SMS alerts including confirmed team news on match-days, HT & FT scores and major LFC news as it happens Completely ad-free website (no banner ads or pop-ups) – Thousands of VIP members – Exclusive LFC news & discussion Established 15 years (we were online before the official LFC website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google!) which gives us a wealth of experience over the newcomers today that desperately try to rival us We’ve employed numerous former Liverpool FC players over the years and continue to work with a huge network of contacts associated to the club and throughout the game Interact with the mature Liverpool fans on the web (our membership keeps immature trolls and rival fans away) and speak freely and safely within our executive lounges that are moderated 24/7 by KopTalk staff Never miss a Liverpool goal or press conference again – Tons of Liverpool FC video content – Links to live streams Exclusive insight & opinion from a wide range of sources & contributors (insight is more important than unsubstantiated rumours) Powered by blistering fast dedicated servers – Thousands of news sources monitored 24/7 – Free KopTalk App

Because we want to remain 100% independent and not display any ugly and distracting advertising, our VIP website relies on an optional paid-for membership. A membership to our VIP members website will set you back just 10p or less a day depending on how long you choose to subscribe.
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